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Resources for Women Traveling in Turkey

If you’re a female globetrotter who is planning to travel to Turkey, here are some resources that you may find helpful.

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This post may contain affiliate links.

Local US Embassy and Consulate Information

US Embassy in Turkey

All Embassies and Consulates in Turkey

Organizations to Learn More About Women in Turkey

Turkish Women Union

Women and Democracy Association

Amargi Istanbul

Social Media Groups for Women Traveling in Turkey

Wanderful Women Who Travel


Expats in Turkey

Expats in Turkey II

Expats in Istanbul

Foreign Women in Turkey

Turkey Couchsurfing Groups

Istanbul Meetups

Antalya Meetups

Ankara Meetups

Izmar Meetups

Alanya Meetups

Books for Traveling in Turkey

Lonely Planet: Turkey

Rough Guides: The Rough Guide to Turkey

Complete Turkish

Women’s Clinics in Turkey

Feminart Women's Health Clinic

Bahçeci Fulya Tüp Bebek Merkezi

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