We're not a traditional content creation agency. We won't connect you with influencers pushing the next product. We'll directly connect you with consumers by curating content that reflects reality.







WHO: We’re a team of wandering women exploring the world, making a concerted effort to change it. One surefire we know how to do that is by rewriting and reimagining the media and marketing surrounding the travel and outdoor industry. We want to see diversity—the same diversity we witness while we’re out there as travelers but that we don’t always see reflected as consumers.

WHAT: Women are too often ill-advised to travel because of unfounded, preconceived gender stereotypes, and too many are intimidated to travel because of dangerously pervasive messaging that suggests they need a serious savings and society’s unattested notion of a “bikini bod.” 


We know how empowering it is to feel heard and included, as well as to see others just like us out in the world so we can envision ourselves in their places. That’s why we’ll show your clients and customers what it really looks like to travel like a girl. And we’ll speak to them with words that resonate.


So let us help you attract and retain a diverse demographic of women—and you can help us change the world.

Content creation

We work with travel and outdoor clients—activewear and gear brands, tour companies, travel agencies, airlines, accommodations and more—to create content that attracts and retains female adventurers.

Optimized copywriting & Editing

We know what traveling women want because we are traveling women. In fact, our team of nomadic women met while gallivanting the globe, and we connected over what inspires our wanderlust—what colors our cultural curiosities, what fuels our fears and what, nonetheless, propels us further outside our comfort zones, beyond borders, across continents, to the depths of seas and to soaring summits.


That’s why you can trust us to write what women, like us, want to read. We’ll search engine optimize your content to ensure that you’ll both attract and retain a female demographic. And we’ll write inclusively, paying mind to gendered language that research suggests can deter women.


We offer the following copywriting services:

  • Content Strategy Planning During Consultation

  • Website Copy (Writing Copy and/or Editing Existing Copy)

  • Marketing Material Copy & Press Releases

  • Social Media Copy

  • Product Descriptions

Social media management

We know what traveling looks like. And it doesn’t typically look like a carefully coiffed fishtail braid after an arduous trek; rather, it’s more often a sweaty nest dreaded into some semblance of a top bun. Likewise, it’s not always a bikini-clad beach day on some sun-swathed, sandy stretch; rather, it’s a lot of long-haul bus journeys decked in dirtied tees. But social media and marketing surrounding the industry tends to push a delusive depiction of female travelers that’s, frankly, damaging. It crushes the confidence of consumers intimidated by both impractical and infeasible standards of both beauty and luxury.


That’s why we’ll introduce your followers to our raw reality, which is arguably more accessible. We’ll entice them with the truth about travel via real photos of women by women, as well as carefully curated captions.


We offer the following social media services:

  • Social Media Strategy Planning During Consultation

  • Original Photography by and of Diverse Women Travelers

  • Purposeful Posts Across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

  • Targeted Instagram and Facebook Campaigns

  • Competitive Social Media Analysis

Did you know?

We offer an interdisciplinary approach. We'll architect your brand story through inclusive messaging on your website and social media channels. We'll assure your visitors and followers that they can travel, too, and that your services and products are for women just like them.

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