Because empowered women empower women.

Rough terrain: Hiking the himalayas with one of nepal's few female guides

Here's why some Balinese sex workers are practicing "dry sex," inserting toothpaste, bleach, sandpaper and antiseptics into their vaginas—spreading HIV and Aids.

make an impact.

Inside the bali sex trade

Choose new fitness and meditation classes every week from 15 certified trainers who'll travel with you.

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Aaptiv: The Audio Fitness App That travels with you

In an age of terrorism, pandemic disease and regularized rape culture, here's why you should travel solo.

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Why women should travel solo



WHO: I'm Re—a nomadic journalist, an audacious activist and an adventure aficionado.


Travel is both my medication and a cyclic, unabated addiction—my curiosities feed my impetus to travel, and my travels whet an abiding curiosity. I've been living out of a backpack for more than two years, traveling more than 70 countries across six continents—solo but never alone, armed with unwavering perseverance, humility, consciousness and a proclivity for traversing parts of this planet people too often advise women against.

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WHAT: Her Report is not another travel blog pushing style, safety and savvy. Rather, it's a space for visionaries who refuse to fixate on fear-mongering and who endeavor to make a positive impact


  • Her Report is a collection of stories on women and girls' inimitable cultures and adversities around the world—replete with ways in which travelers can champion local communities.

  • Her Report is a resource for finding everything from women's clinics and local, women-owned businesses to trusted travel gear made by and for women.

  • Her Report is a source of raw and revelatory inspiration, teeming with tales of influential women around the world and pieces on why and how to travel like a girl.


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When women put our heads together, we can change the world.

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