All the B.S. You Don’t Need to Buy Before Traveling

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Traveling can be quite anxiety inducing, which can easily lead to thoughtless purchases. Airlines and other businesses are quick to take advantage by persuading travelers that they need to buy certain services, products or upgrades.

Sure, there are a few things you should have—think neck pillow, adult beverages and noise-canceling headphones to drown out the crying infant behind you.

But there’s also a lot of crap you’d be a fool to sign up for, such as the following…

1. Checked Luggage
Gone are the days when you could check your luggage for free. Most domestic airlines will force you to pay for your first checked bag these days. Or you have the option to sign up to be a card member. Delta for example, offers a SkyMiles card through which you can book your flight and then the first bag of each passenger in the reservation will be free at check-in. You’ll also earn two miles per dollar spent whenever you use the card, which could earn you an entire flight down the line.

You can also book first-class tickets, which will typically offer you a free checked bag, or do a better job packing and then you won’t have to worry about checking any bags at all.

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