How to Travel Like Royalty When You’re Really a Nobody

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Originally Published on Made Man

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, upgrades and other perks are always welcome. How do so many people fly like royalty when you have no damn idea who they are?
We asked some luxury travel consultants, vice presidents of credit card companies and founders of top airfare sites for their surprising but simple travel hacks so ordinary people like you can, too.
If you could just click one button to save yourself a lot of money, would you? Yeah?
1.When looking at flights, make sure to check through a private or incognito browsing mode. This means that it’ll look like you haven’t visited that website before. If you continuously go back and check prices for flights, oftentimes airlines will track your visits and the price will go up! This way, you can check as many times as you want and they’ll never know you’re a returning visitor.” — Katie Stanwyck, North American PR & marketing manager of TourRadar

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