When Islamophobia Emerges in Rape Culture: The Story of Trista Hendren


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What happens when Islamophobia emerges in a normalized rape culture? “They actually went and printed my home address and encouraged people to come and visit my ‘camel jockey, Muslim children,’ [saying] ‘I’ll go fuck your children…’ and ‘I will skull fuck your children,’” said Trista Hendren, 38-year-old Portland, Oregon mother of four—both a Christian and a Muslim.

Hendren is the co-founder of Rapebook, a Facebook page aimed to flag and report misogynistic content including graphic images depicting sexual assault, the sexualization of children and rape “humor,” photographs captioned with rape jokes, though she was compelled to shut down the page in April, after receiving hundreds of threatening messages.

Rapebook is the product of frustration, according to Hendren who believes that Facebook holds the de facto monopoly on social networking and bears a likewise responsibility to keep the market safe. “I just felt like really nothing was happening,” she said. “It seemed to be a really women-centric problem…the way that Facebook sort of dealt with women and men.”

Hendren thus opted to build a page with a central location, “where women who wanted—and a lot of women wanted—to help,” she said. “So many women have experienced violence or rape in their lifetime, so it goes way beyond just being sensitive that [rape] pictures are up; it’s very triggering for a lot of women to see this… I felt like, those of us who could [help], owed it to our other sisters as much as we were able.”

Under Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities: Safety, number six and number 10 read, “You will not bully, intimidate, or harass any user” and “You fill not use Facebook to do anything unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory,” respectively. Content that clearly violates such terms is removed, but content that is “distasteful” but not illegal or in violation of the terms has the right to stay up.

But Hendren, among other activists, does not believe Facebook is following its own rules against the intimidation and discrimination of women. “I think that these—if you want to call them jokes—have a very specific intent of scaring women and keeping them in line. I don’t see them as jokes…It’s really highlighting a bigger issue of our society that women can be raped at any time, and they’re to be subordinate and stay in their place,” she said. “I definitely think that there’s intent there, whether or not it’s intent to actually go out and rape a woman is, in a way, irrelevant, because I think the fear of rape keeps women quiet and subordinate.”

Hendren argues that this is a human rights concern. “I think that [Facebook] has a moral obligation to take down content that is targeting half of the population in a very specific way,” she said.

But to add insult to injury, Hendren endured hundreds of menacing messages and photographs each day. “They were putting pictures of girls actually being raped up on our page, sending us threats against us and our children,” she said. At one point, according to Hendren, Facebook even shut down the Rapebook page and demanded that Hendren call it “controversial humor.” She said she replied, “This is not ‘controversial humor;’ this is a protest page and we’re not going to do that.”

Facebook put the page back up, and thus Hendren was able to make the decision on her own terms in April not to remove it again, but rather, to make it inactive. “We just decided okay, are we really doing anything here?” She said she began to re-evaluate Rapebook’s initial intent—to remove misogynistic content—and what it was actually doing—inviting misogynistic content.

The comments poured in even after the announcement to deactivate the page, reading, “It’s about time, you feminist pieces of shit. Fuck you and your stupid page. THE WORLD IS A BETTER PLACE!!!”

If you really want to be feminists(which is retarded if your american, i cant state enough how equal we are, minus the fact there are special circumstances for women, i mean shit i want a week or two off every year or so just because a woman gets it off for pregnancy, also i would like to be able to be a dick for 1 week out of every month without their being anything bad happening. You wanna know what happens to women in saudi arabia who mouth off to their husbands? No you don’t.) go and do it yourself, don’t just support a page that does it for you, or your going against everything that feminism is about.”

Get back in the kitchen.”

Sounds like a personal problem take the barbed broom stick out of your ass and get laid for once in your miserable life faggot”

Even other women wrote, “All Rapebook supporters are attention-seeking sluts.” Another woman wrote, “The Internet was made not to be restricted– don’t try to control what you don’t know. I disapprove Rapebook…Fuck off the Internet if you can’t handle it <333”

And what perhaps says a little more about the “America” in which we now subsist…she “needs a bullet in [her] Muslim head.”

Despite hate-speech calling Hendren a “Feminazi” and ensuing Islamophobia, Hendren said the convergence of feminism with faith is imperative for transcending change across the globe. “To me, one of the reasons that I think faith is really important within feminism is that the majority of people around the world hold onto their religion, and they’re not going to change it. I really think that if you want to work with women, you [cannot be] saying their religion is bad.”

The mother of a 10-year-old son, seven-year-old daughter and two stepsons of 16 and 12 is forced to protect her family from those who oppose Hendren’s views. “The local police were contacted here and, actually, what they encouraged me to do was to get a gun,” she said, though she declined to comment further on her safety precautions due to the inexhaustible controversy over gun control.

Hendren has an open case with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who is still investigating; however, she is not certain that anything will come of her case. “It’s still such a new area,” she said. “It’s difficult to prosecute because they’re looking at whether or not someone will actually carry out a threat. I think a lot of times there is a tendency to downside what people say online…”

In addition, Hendren makes sure to keep her own children off of Facebook. “You have all of these young kids on Facebook so they’re growing up in an environment that is normalizing rape…normalizing behavior that I would never want to see in my son.”

And in an effort to raise her own children as accepting of all religious beliefs, Hendren also said, “I wanted to raise my kids in a way that was different than how I was raised— kind of more multi-faith, where they’re exposed to different faith traditions where they can make their own decisions. So I raised my kids around the Muslim tradition and the Christian tradition.”

She said she thought she was doing okay raising her children in a multi-faith home, until she spoke with her daughter and unearthed yet another male-centric aspect of our society. “When I was speaking with my daughter, I realized that she didn’t relate to the concept of God at all, because God is always male. Whether we were at the mosque or at the church, it’s very male-centric.”

To provide her daughter with spirituality, Hendren recently published “The Girl God.” She said, “I realized that I didn’t even see [the male-centrism] in my own life; I just kind of confined to it because it was always that assumption of God being male. That’s what inspired the book and brought on the whole faith journey for me.”

Hendren and her children are continuing their individual faith journeys, and her FBI investigation of Rapebook is ongoing.

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  1. Nope. What actually happened was we had someone declare themselves the morality police & who got a group of like-minded busy bodies to run around facebook, telling people that the things they posted within the rules was outside the rules. She then got her minions to mass report something in the hopes that at least one facebooks mods agreed with them & to have it taken down.

    At which point a group of people decided to give her a bit of her own medicine: They decided that her bigoted crusade was deserving of an equal, but opposite bigoted crusade.

    She then pissed off real users by pretending to be aware of particular FB accounts & pages being used for people trafficking (she is aware of no such thing). Her group then attacked images she personally found offensive, but were not against the rules (because apparently she’s the ultimate authority on what is and is not allowed to be said on facebook).

    They reported people who made fat jokes, saying fat jokes aren’t funny. Yet the page never reported pages ran by females who posted identical content, and when they themsleves posted a picture of breasts, they threw a hissy fit when it was taken down specifically for breaking facebooks TOS.

    Frankly Trista Hendren gets no sympathy from me: She took it upon herself to create the “morality police” to enforce the holy law of Trista Hendren, from the book of “things that offend me” by Trista Hendren… all the while breaking the actual rules.

    The backlash she got in return was deliberately hurtful, specifically because the people who wanted to hurt her had been given a road map of how to do it, in the form of “things that offend me” by Trista Hendren.

    In the end the negative kick back she got was completely deserved: Her politics are messed up beyond belief & it was those politics that lead her on her idiotic crusade to redact & censor the ability of others to communicate, through a totalitarian fascist means.

    It reminds me of that old C.S Lewis quote.

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

    1. Yes, raping – or threatening to rape- women and children is always a “good thing” when you believe they “deserve” it morningstar. What a prince you are.

      1. Who said it was a good thing? I said she got what she deserved, the fact that what she deserved wasn’t very nice didn’t make it any the less deserved.

        She got a group of people together and then tried to force her own list of perosnal pet peeves onto everyone around her, while ignoring the fact that “people who force there own personal pet peeves on others” is the personal pet peeve of others.

        She essentially decided to play the role of facist dictator & then looked suprised when people took cheap shots at the giant unprotected nerve cluster she revealed while doing it.

        So yeah, she got what was coming to here, by attempting to play the role of moral authority in a place where she had no authority.

    2. Another lying, ignorant male turd makes it obvious yet again that men are a plague. LISTEN TO WHAT MEN TELL US. THEY ARE THE SELF-APPOINTED ARBITRATORS OF WHICH WOMEN (AND CHILDREN!) “DESERVE” TO BE THREATENED WITH RAPE.

      1. Its not “men” telling you that its people… If you take a look almost half the comments denouncing the page are from women… Apparently women don’t like facist either.

        1. Yep: SHIT. Women need to DENY men any more of their support, nurturing, energy or time. Deprive a cancer and kill it off. I believe this. Women need to live together free of men, help only each other, and deny men any of their precious effort or time. Of course, if you want to see the true nature of a man, tell him “no”. (hat tip: Bev Jo)

      2. Idiotic men with too much time on their hands never hold their breaths. They are the biggest trolls, always trolling places that are meant to protect women and promote women’s safety. It really makes me wonder how many of the men i come across in real life felt the same way. Probably most of them.

  2. Amazing how people (as the commenter above) will so vehemently defend their right to produce content that degrades and harms others, but not defend anyone’s right to stand up against it.

    Nothing Trista experienced was deserved. I’m continually horrified by how (some) “men” think they are OWED a right to rape women, degrade women, threaten women.

    1. Except she wasn’t attacking material that degrades others, she was levying her fanbase to co-opt the reporting feature to get people suspended, as a way of attacking material that disagreed with her own personal stances, including people who pointed out that creationism was anti-science & the Islamic faith being anti-woman. An contrary to popular belief she didn’t close down her page, it was closed by the moderators for false flagging.

      1. What Jan is saying is a lie and a shocking one at that, or maybe a misunderstanding?
        Looks like, we need to clear up some things for Jan.

        I am admin MF of Rapebook, and here are the facts and intentions our page was/is based on.

        Firstly, here is a link to the ‘Rapebook’, with the admins final statement, about why the page is no longer active, pinned to the top.

        Here are copies of some of what I posted on our facebook page, in response to accusations aimed at our page.

        ”Reporting abusive content is one of the ways in which we are trying to make facebook more aware of how much of it there is. It is not just about us being offended. It is a public health and safety issue.”

        ”Rapebook is a page for reporting abusive content about women to facebook. Report what you personally think should be reported. If you don’t agree it should be reported, then just don’t report it.

        The purpose of this page, is to show facebook how much abuse is on their site, and prompt them to provide a healthier environment, by recognising there is abuse and by paying more attention to removing it.”

        ”The page is called Rapebook, because facebook won’t remove rape ”humour”. This page is for the purpose of reporting rape jokes to facebook, to hopefully prompt them to take this more seriously.”

        Does the name ‘rapebook’ attract the abusive posting, which happens so frequently on this page?

        ”It is not the name that is attracting these people. It is that their pages and pictures depicting violence against women are being removed. The name was decided on a whim to deal with an urgent problem. Once you have 25 likes, you are tied to a name. Personally, I stand by the name because there fails to be a connection in our society regarding people who talk or joke about raping women and people who actually do it. At the moment, Facebook facilitates pages that promote child pornography and rape and abuse of women. Until they take a harder stand against pages that actively promote these crimes, I think the name Rapebook is fitting.” This response is by Trista.

        ””Why do people have a problem with what your doing. I’m confused”

        Response by Admin MF
        I think, those who have a problem with it, are either trolls or haters, or people who don’t understand what we are doing.

        Those who own pages with hatred against women on them say we are censoring their free speech, by asking our page supporters to report the hateful content to facebook.

        The ‘Rapebook’ page is for the purpose of protesting against facebooks tolerance of content containing hate against women, which we report to facebook repeatedly and persistently.”

        ””Leading your followers by telling them to hate things you don’t like or don’t have the maturity to ignore?”

        Response by Admin MF

        I don’t think adults can be lead. They can decide to report or not to report what is on this page. Those who are not adults, should not be visiting this page, as some of the content is disturbing for adults, let alone children.”

        ”The idea is to make the public and facebook more aware that these pages are on facebook, and that facebook is neglecting to uphold its own terms and conditions. ”

        ”It is sad to see that so many think it is pathetic to be against misogyny. BTW, we do post about the other things on your list, but our main focus is misogyny, especially since it too often tends to be put on the back burner, because other causes are considered more of a priority.”

        ””I’m reporting your page for its name- “Rapebook” is offensive. BTW I’m a rape victim, and you’re looking for attention, because this page is bullshit.” –

        Many express the same opinion as you do, but we no longer have the option to change the page name.

        The name ‘Rapebook’ is harsh, because the problem of facebooks tolerance of hate content against women is so severe. The name ‘Rapebook’ has its pros and cons though. While it is designed to make those who don’t take the problem seriously sit up and pay attention, it is also disturbing for those who already take the problem seriously.”

        ””Smfh. Pages like Rapebook only adds fuel to the fire. Even if you do succeed in deleting offensive pages, you’re only promoting 3-5 more to be created, so it kinda defeats the purpose.”

        Response by Admin MF
        The idea is more to bring the awareness of facebook and the public to the problems. We know already, that the slow and tedious job of reporting, just in order to have the occasional meme or page removed is limited. The bigger picture which we are focussing on, is to raise awareness of the health and safety situation. This is serious, as people can literally be bullied to death, which research is now bringing to light. Trolls are internet bullies and parasites, with no positive function. This is what facebook and internet users should start to realise.”

        ””we have no sources quoted for the data, which makes it easier for people to disbelieve it.”

        Response by Admin MF

        There is lots of information, on the interent about rape. I suppose, the memes are meant to be a sound bite to ask people to pay attention, rather than give a complete education, which if it is long many would not bother to read.

        One of the problems with giving people information is that they don’t listen. Those who are likely to listen, are the ones who already know a lot of the information, or who are taking steps to become informed. We are on the receiving end of a lot of abuse on this page, from haters, even when we touch on these disturbing topics, let alone try to give people what could be considered a broad education on it. ie We have to limit our exposure to negativity from certain types of people, to prevent them wearing on us and burning us out. ”

        ”Publicity is a good thing. It raises both the publics and facebooks awareness that there is a problem. It should prompt facebook to make the moral decision to provide more protection and a safer environment for facebook users. The health and safety risks are too great for facebook to continue ignoring this, in my opinion, when suicides and trauma are often the outcome of the cyber bullying and stalking that happens on facebook. ”

        ”Censorship and hatespeech

        …hate speech is in fact censorship. The reason being, that it attacks members of a group emotionally. When these attacks are persistent and repetitive they have the affect that they can overwhelm the ability of those they are attacking to cope, which has the affect of between silencing individuals of the group to actually damaging them psychologically, thus giving an unrealistic, distorted… impression of what members of that group think and say about issues.

        Those who advocate Freedom of Hate Speech, are not advocating Freedom of Speech. They are advocating Freedom to Inflict Psychological Injury. Admin MF”

        ””i reported many things but facebook says it does not violate their rules………i wonder how???????????” – A lot of the time, facebook does not uphold its own rules. This is one of the reasons we have this page. The idea is more to bring the awareness of facebook and the public to the problems. We know already, that the slow and tedious job of reporting, just in order to have the occasional meme or page removed is limited. The bigger picture which we are focussing on, is to raise awareness of the health and safety situation. This is serious, as people can literally be bullied to death, which research is now bringing to light. Trolls are internet bullies and parasites, with no positive function. This is what facebook and internet users should start to realise. Admin MF”

        ””I don’t agree with half the stuff you want banned because there isn’t really much wrong about it.”

        Response by Admin MF
        Maybe half the stuff is too subtle, for many to see what it wrong with it. Unfortunately, this means hate speech just needs to stay under the radar of a majority of people.”

        ”This may be true, but this page is for speaking out about hate speech against women, which does not involve engaging in hate speech against men. A battle of the sexes is not something this page is looking for. Also, it will be sad if we actually have to start banning women who support us, just because they express their support as hate speech against men.

        As I observe on feminist pages, the biggest problem is how many women haters and trolls visit the pages. The second biggest problem is that the pages are visited by a number of women who object to the male feminists, trans gender feminists and sometimes use hate speech against them. ”

        ”This page does NOT post hate speech against men. Some believe that speaking up for women’s rights, is the same as being anti-men and/or anti-family. This is an ignorant point of view.”

        ”There are no good reasons to argue for sexism and everything to gain by not being sexist. Strangely, this does not prevent lengthy discussion defending why there should be sexism, by those who claim that sexism does not exist, or that objecting to sexism is the cause of the sexism(so, was it the egg or the chicken that came first?), or that sexism is too trivial to object to, when one could be spending ones time stopping world wars, ending homelessness…. ”

        ”This page is for speaking out about hate speech against women. You should think that is a worthy reason for us to speak up. ”

        ”’Denial’ and ‘victim blaming’ are common responses to reports about abuse.
        That is one of the main reasons we need to have this page, to raise awarness about hate speech on facebook.

        Some will argue that hitting people with a stick is worse than hate speech, but those who say that are unaware or don’t care that not all wounds are visible. Psychological violence matters.

        Admin MF”

  3. regardless of whether or not you agree with Ms. Hendrens views , to say that any of the threats made against her or her children were deserved is just disgusting!

  4. Journalists, should use women’s first names, in their news articles. Referring women by their second name does not respect their individuality as women, because second names have a lot to do with sexist family conventions, where women only exist, in relations to men.

  5. ”…At which point a group of people decided to give her a bit of her own medicine: …”

    For those who might be wondering what her own medicine consisted of, here is a description of some of what was posted on our page.

    TRIGGER WARNING: The details in the following are horrific. Some may choose to not read the following. We were however not given a trigger warning, when these images were posted on our page, and we the admins and visitors to our page(some of whom are actual rape and domestic violence survivors) suffered the full traumatic affect of being surprised by images such as these.

    So, let me try to describe for you some of what we saw, posted to our Facebook page.

    Picture 2: An obvious gang rape in action
    A young teen girl in the frame with two grown men, her face in obvious tortured pain. One man holds back her arms. She is naked, her breasts still developing. No pubic hair in site as the other man spreads her legs apart: one hand between them, the other yanking her ponytail back.

    Picture 3: Forced Blowjobs
    A woman forced to her knees, in between two men who are in various stages of undress. One man is naked behind her, you can see the shadow from his penis and some public hair. He is yanking her hair back, her head tilted at an obscene angle so she can service the other man, whose pants are off.

    The expression on her pained face is anything but consensual.

    Picture 4: More forced blowjobs by a child
    A newly developing girl with breasts the size of peas has her hands held behind her back and her legs bound. Her body looks around 12-years of age, her hipbones bulge out of her thin body. The man is forcing his entire penis into her mouth, where you can see part of it bulging out of her cheek.

    It is impossible to see the expression on her face because he has her bound and held down smack down on his genitals.

    Picture 5: An obvious rape scene
    Picture a young girl on the floor sobbing. Her breasts are just starting to develop. She’s in some sort of an awkward position on the floor with her legs spread apart and you can see part of the man’s penis which he appears to be forcing her to stroke.

    Picture 6: Another obvious rape scene from behind
    The woman’s face is in agony as he pulls her hair back and forces into her from behind.

    Picture 7: Rape of a child
    This shot includes several people. There are at least 2 men based on the sizes of their arms. One is very large, and his tattooed arm pulls back her hair. The girl is small and naked. She is newly developing, visibly crying and scared. You can tell from her face that she has been crying for a while. She does not have pubic hair yet. The other man’s hand is up, as if to strike her.

    Shall I go on? Because I can. Unfortunately this is just a small sample.

    And then there are the pictures we found elsewhere…

    Picture 8: A gang bang
    One woman and countless men. All holes on her body are being penetrated by the 5 erect penises in site. Both hands are working on the other two.

    Perhaps consensual – hard to tell with porn – but does this need to be on Facebook?

    Picture 9: A picture of a child’s naked vagina
    Yes, a child. Perhaps 10 or 11 years of age. No hips. No pubic hair yet. A little girl vagina. And many more off to the side.

    Picture 10: A little girl posing in her underwear
    This seems like a picture perhaps a parent took of a girl no more than 6-7 years. It clearly got into the wrong hands. One comment on this particular page, filled with images of girls in various stages of development or in this case no development at all, reads, “I want to see little girls nude”.

    From http://feministadminssupport.blogspot.de/2013/05/10-pictures-you-are-not-seeing-on.html?zx=e2096fd2529b9929

    Melissa Flaherty (admin MF of ‘Rapebook;)

  6. @Melissa Flaherty: Sure, you also tried to get someone fired for holding an opinion you didn’t like, you also tried to get people suspended for making a joke about feminism, islam, christianity & countless other thigns that are not against the rules, or even common decency. An its not like you can pretend you didn’t do it, since they are still on the facebook page.

    1. Who is it that I tried to get fired, Morningstar? Rapebook was just a page, to ask people to report hate speech, especially hate speech in the form of rape humor and jokes about domestic violence.

      You and Dan seem to know something about somebody who might get fired, because of our page, Would you two explain more about who it is were were trying to get fired, and how we were going about it. Right now, all I see is that you two are lying about us and what our page is about. I don’t understand why anyone would do that, in defense of jokes about rape and domestic violence. If you have no more details to give out about these accusations you are making about us trying to have people fired, you are a sad individuals. As far as I know, we do not in fact have enough power to have anyone fired. We do however tell facebook and the media what we discover to be going on, on facebook, and the internet in general,as regards women’s rights to freedom and safety.

      ”…you also tried to get people suspended for making a joke about feminism, islam, christianity …”
      We did ban people and report people to facebook,for using the following words to describe us and some of our page supporters.
      Camel Jockey
      and some more.
      This is in fact hate speech, and it is against facebook’s terms and conditions, even though they did seem to need us and other report pages to remind them of this.

  7. I have to say, while I agreed with the intentions of Rapebook, it and other pages did overstep their stated intentions.

    When a group of primarily women start trying to shut down places for male victims of sexual assault to talk about their assaults because they believe that rape is a women’s issue, they have gone too far.

    1. Or when they tried to get people suspended for the “feminism ends as soon as there is a blocked sink” meme…. Or when they they tried to get an entire page taken down that was denouncing the hypocricy of the duluth model & women only battered spouse halfway houses, or when they did any number of other things that stop being positive & quickly crossed the line into “i don’t like it so its evil sexism, because i say so.”

      When you actually become as much an issue as the people you are targetting you aren’t doing anyone a favour, you are just fighting one form of bigotry with another… An thats what happened.

  8. Morningstar–like his cohorts–is a sociopath, so discussion is fruitless.

    We have to end the rape culture that creates personalities like his, not engage with these types as if they were fellow human beings.

    I am so sorry for what is happening to the brave and strong Trista Hendren. It’s terrifying.

    1. Morag have you ever noticed that when feminists have there own actions shown to them in a negative light their first resort almost without fail is ad homenium attacks, appeal to motive & appeal to consequence.

      Disagreeing with you doesn’t make someone a sociopath, not giving you carte blance to ban things you don’t like is not sociopathy, nor is pointing out the draconian facist practices.

  9. Whoever celebrates or defends the proliferation of images of men raping little girls and women–whoever can call this practice “a taste of medicine”–is advertising who and what he is. A sociopath. It’s a declaration of his inhumanity. He’s saying: I’m dangerous, beyond redemption, without a conscience.

    This is so simple to understand. This the only salient message, and it’s all a woman needs to hear to trust herself make a wise judgement. The rest is just filler, or a thin cover, blah blah blah, a bunch of noise intended to cause confusion.

    Because a predator is a predator. No discussion required–except between the women who are deciding what should/can be done about them.

    1. Morag no one is defending the “proliferation of images of men raping little girls.” What people are doing is defending there right to speech without having a group of self appointed morality police officers showing up to try to get people banned from communication networks on the basis of “its not against the rules, but we don’t like it, so it should come down.”

      Pointing at the facist draconian nature of rapebook is not sociopathy… An constantly pointing to the 12 high profile cases in which rapebook lucked into doens’t undo the hundreds of thousands of privilious mass reportings.

  10. The facts:
    Trista Hendren was threatened with rape. Her children were threatened with rape. The post reads: “They actually went and printed my home address and encouraged people to come and visit my ‘camel jockey, Muslim children,’ [saying] ‘I’ll go fuck your children…’ and ‘I will skull fuck your children …’” Trista also was bombarded with snuff pictures of men raping children and pornified images of men raping women. Men pulling hair, holding down, and forcing their penises into female bodies.

    Yet, Morningstar says that, “The backlash she got in return [racialized rape threats] was deliberately hurtful, specifically because the people who wanted to hurt her had been given a road map of how to do it, in the form of ‘things that offend me’ by Trista Hendren” and “In the end the negative kick back she got was completely deserved.”

    So, according to Morningstar:
    rape threats and hate speech = justified “backlash” and “negative kick back”
    rape threats and hate speech = “completely deserved” by Trista and her children
    misogyny and racism = “a road map” in the form of “things that offend Trista”
    (And, on top of it, Trista apparently provided her stalkers, abusers and would-be rapists with this road map, with this how-to-hurt-me manual, so it’s her own fault: she invited it all!)

    Next, Morningstar begins gas lighting in earnest by saying that the rape of women and children is not a good thing. UNLESS of course, it’s deserved: “Who said it was a good thing? I said she got what she deserved, the fact that what she deserved wasn’t very nice didn’t make it any the less deserved.”

    So, men raping women and children isn’t “very nice”; nonetheless, it can be, in certain circumstances, a perfectly legitimate way to retaliate against against a woman who just won’t shut up, and who is an inconvenience to the power and privilege of others. Threatening a mother with I-will-skull-fuck-your-Muslim-children, is a regrettable, but effective and “deserved,” last resort against feminist speech.

    You see how nice, kind and patient misogynists and rapists can be? They begin with merely hitting you with a stick, and it’s only when you ask them to stop (which is a violation of their rights to hit you with a stick), that they pull out their big guns.

    There you have it. The inner workings, the deep roots of male domination. The oppressors will concede that, for example, snuff photos of men raping little girls aren’t “very nice” but that the woman-hating, racist, rape culture must never be dismantled and smashed because it is just too useful for them. The oppression must remain intact, and make up for any tiny little piece of ground it has lost to the big bad feminists. Terrorizing women with rape and the threat of rape is working very well for them, so they just cannot give it up. They not only deliberately perpetuate and enforce this sociopathic culture, but will admit–between their gas lighting, lies and reversals–that they know exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it.

    1. “You see how nice, kind and patient misogynists and rapists can be?”

      LOL, you do get that alot of the kickback on the website was actually by women. Turns out many women don’t like totilitatian facists either.

  11. The writer and activist Lierre Keith says that civilization, capitalism, and patriarchy are the systems that converge to create mass sociopathy. Everyone (including some men and boys) and everything (on the entire planet) can be raped for power and for profit. Those who benefit from these systems will never stop their violence and destruction voluntarily:

    1. Oh well if Lierre Keith said it, it must be true… I mean look at her credentials… she’s a feminist & a framer: yep that totally makes her an authority on sociology and anthropology. /facepalm

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